Corporate Governance

Details of Key Managerial Personnel contact details
Name of KMP

Mr. Salil Taneja - Whole-time Director

Ms. Priya Chouksey- Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

Mr. Sudish Kumar Kuttappan Nair- Chief Financial Officer

Intimation under Reg. 30

1.Insurance Claim Receipt

2. Intimation of appointment of CFO

3.Intimation of resignation Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

4.Intimation of Appointment of Company Secretary

5.TEL Regulation 30 Closure of First Airways BSE

6.Intimation of Resignation and Appointment of CFO

7.Compositionof the Committees of the Board of Directors

8.TEL Disclosure Under Regulation

9. Intimation of Resignation of CFO

10. Intimation for Appointment of Director

11. TEL Disclosure Under Regulation 30

12. TEL Disclosure Under Regulation 30- Appointment of Company Secretray and Compliance officer

13. TEL Disclosure Under Regulation 30- Appointment of Chief Financial officer

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